As it is a recurring important moment for your employees, payroll is an energy – and time consuming intense job for you as employer, which interferes with your daily operations.

So, why not outsource your payroll administration to our professional payroll masters, which saves you lots of your time and worries? Your payroll will comply with social and tax laws and legislation at all times. You will work with a designated employee for more efficiency and confidentiality.

For your payroll administration we work with a monthly all-in fee, so your monthly costs are conveniently arranged. Interim movements for new employees or leaving employees for instance are not charged extra. Also included are your monthly tax return and the submission of the yearly summary statements of wages and salaries (‘verzamelloonstaten’) to the Tax Department, SVB and the labor department in Curacao or Bonaire.

In 2015 we started using Payroll Pro Ultra. Payroll Pro Ultra has a comprehensive Human Resources package rated #1 payroll software in the Dutch Caribbean. Bringing you the best and most effective way to meet your administrative duties.