Newsletter obligatory supplementary company pension 2012

Introduction We know that an agreement has been reached on an obligatory supplementary company pension scheme between employers' and employees' organizations and the Government. This agreement will be submitted to Parliament for approval. If Parliaments approves this agreement, all companies will have to provide for a pension scheme for all their employees as of January [...]

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Newsletter January 2011

First of all, we wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2011. We hope that the economy will continue to recover, and that you may reap the harvest thereof. In our Newsletter of September 2010, we brought the Social Dialogue Protocol to your attention. Meanwhile, Parliament passed a number of legislative bills, which came into [...]

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NIEUWSBRIEF Oktober 2010

In augustus 2010 hebben de werkgevers, werknemers en de regering overeenstemming bereikt over de volgende onderwerpen: Sociaal financieel-economisch beleid Investeringsklimaat AOV Aanvullende pensioenen AZV APFA vraagstuk. Download the newsletter (dutch) > Nieuwsbrief Oktober 2010

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Newsletter CATC January 2010

On December 30 last, the State Ordinance for the reduction of the BBO was approved by the Parliament. As of January 1, 2010, the BBO rate amounts to 1.5% for the provision of services and the supply of goods in Aruba. As regards the supply of goods to foreign countries (export), the BBO rate of [...]

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Newsletter CATC April 2009

Caribbean Accounting & Tax Consultants N.V. would like to inform you about the changes and possibilities of the Aruban tax system. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with ideas, tips and possibilities for tax planning. We will inform you on the following items: Wage Tax & social security premiums 1. Wage Tax [...]

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